Uncommon Pests And How To Get Rid Of Them

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uncommon pestsSome of the lesser known pests include hornets and bats. These are probably the least common pests so most pest control specialists do not actually offer services to get rid of such pests. There are many bat and hornet traps available in your local stores or online, so those will not be addressed here. You may also have heard of beetles and mosquitoes heavily infesting an area. When faced with such pests, you might want to try out garlic. Yes, you heard me right. Garlic is actually a natural insecticide that works surprisingly well for a large number of pests, especially beetles.

Other natural insecticides usually also include a variety of commonly used products such as cinnamon powder, charcoal, chalk or cayenne pepper. These so-called ‘pest barriers’ work to prevent pests from infesting an area as opposed to killing them, so you’ll also need to couple this with a powerful chemical agent that can kill off these pests first. Other than that, if you do not want to rely on chemical alternatives to defeat these pests, you could try out baking soda or vinegar. By simply filling up a tablespoon of vinegar along with 200 ml of water in a sprayer, you would have effectively cooked up your own pesticide.

In the worst scenarios however, you may even have to get rid of the mattress itself, because bed bugs can easily crawl into the mattress itself and lay eggs in it. Getting rid of this particular pest would require actually cutting into the mattress itself and cleaning it manually. Is it worth your effort with no guarantee of actually fixing this pest problem? Probably not.